The Acagamics Game Award is an annual call for entries by Acagamics e.V. to award hobby game projects. On this website you can find out if your game meets all requirements and how you can participate.


Now! - Game Development

Now it's time to work on your game projects. Until the submission, you can share your progress on our Discord server. There you can also ask for help at any time if you get stuck while developing! We can also be contacted via

15. Sep. 2022 - Registration

Please register your game (or several games) in time for the Game Award. To do so, please send us a mail containing
  • Title of the game
  • Names of the developers
  • How many persons can play the game
  • What hardware must be available to play it (Gamepad, GPU, ...)
  • Short description of the game (Genre, Theme, ...)
to .

01. Oct. 2022 - Submission

Early October is the deadline for the finished game. Details about the upload will be announced after the registration.

07. Nov. 2022 - Award

On Monday, 7th November, we want to officially give out the Game Award. We would like to invite all interested people! Starting at 5 pm in the FIN lecture hall (G29-R307) you can test the submitted games, talk to the developers, and vote for your favorite. At 7 pm we will award the prizes. We will also provide snacks and drinks for the evening.

Terms of participation


The project must have been developed in the context of a university or private event or be completely raised as a private project. (Explicitly excluded are projects of companies/indie developers that were developed for marketing. In edge cases the decision is up to the jury)

Release Date

You may not have released the game earlier than May 2021. The availability of a download of at least a beta version counts as a release. (A blog or development site does not count as a release yet.)


The game as well as videos, screenshots and other material uploaded here will be published through this site and can be viewed by everyone. (The free download of the submitted version of the game must be possible even after the event ended and shouldn't be prevented by any future publications.)


All uploaded materials (assets, models, textures) must be usable under an appropriate license. This means you should be allowed to enter the game for a contest and be allowed to publish it. If a contest is commercial or not depends on the asset creator. Ask them if you are unsure.


All team members should be at least 18 years old. Persons under the age of 18 need a written permission of their parents to participate in the award ceremony. (Games whose rating is still pending according to the USK system do not have youth clearance. Accordingly, the award ceremony also has this restriction.)


The jury reserves the right to reject games: Games that glorify violence, are discriminatory or otherwise unreasonable can be rejected. Games that are not considered hobby projects can also be excluded.
By accepting the terms and conditions you accept the privacy policy. Legal action is excluded.


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